Caveman Tri Training 101 Program

8-Week TRI 101 program beginning February 12.
-Training delivered weekly through Training Peaks
-One weekly track workout, “brick” (bike-run) and *swim workout with Coach Cole!
*Swim workout is based on pool availability

Cost: $30 a week ($240 8-weeks)

Contact Cole Fugate
817-219-5979 |

Run Related TRI 101 Triathlon Training Program

8-Week Caveman TRI 101 begins Feb 12th
-8 week sprint triathlon custom plan (build week by week)
-Feedback on each workout from a certified coach
-Access to team forum for tips and support from other teammates

Cost: one-time $39 enrollment, $60 a month with no contracts

Contact Run Related

TexasMan Sprint Tri 101 Training Program

(8-weeks) for both Coach Cole and Run Related begin March 5th!

Cole Fugate
817-219-5979 |

Run Related